Los Cardos – Mexican munchings on Leith Walk

So, just a quick post on this one, as I wanted to get the word out about how much I enjoyed my box of food which I picked up last Tuesday night. My rather excellent personal trainer Tracy Griffen recommended   Los Cardos to me last week, but they’d just closed for the day by a whisker when I popped by , so a second attempt was made and was a success. Still open, I was gonna get me some dinner.
Los Cardos opened a few of weeks ago on Leith Walk, on the block between Dalmeny Street and Jameson Place. It’s a little takeaway shop, with a couple of seats for if you want to eat in. The very friendly people behind the counter talked me through the menu  – so many tempting choices, so it was a bit of a dilemma on the picking front. The had steak, chicken, pork, pinto and black-eyed beans, and all sorts of fab veggie bits, guacamole and salsa to top and dress the burritos, or tacos, whatever takes your fancy.
Kind of knackered from my work-out, I realised that my decision making powers were a little useless, and the only thing I could really decipher from my brain was that I was very hungry, and heck, all of it looked good. I think I muttered something along the lines of ‘chef’s choice’ and so I took home a tasty box filled to the brim of their rice ,beans, carnitas of pork which is braised in their tangy salsa verde, some lettuce, sour cream, cheese….Anything else? Um, nope, I think that was all. Their tag-line is ‘Fresh Mex’, and it was definitely the best takeaway dinner I’ve had in a long time; really nice home-made tasting food. Only, the beauty is that they take care of stocking all of the millions of component dishes, and I just have to provide the plate and cutlery when I get back to the house. Sweet deal or what? My only gripe is that their drinks fridge (as giant and plentifully filled as it was) didn’t seem to offer a huge choice beyond sweet sticky sodas, energy drinks and water. It’d be cool it if they struck up a deal with some local fresh juice company. Maybe they do their own ? Will check it out next time.
Unsurprisingly, Los Cardos has already recruited a loyal legion of fans; not bad going in three weeks!  Anyway, they’re waiting for their website to be finished, but in the meantime here’s the link to their Facebook page, which has the current contact details. In FB-speak, Leila Likes this (giant thumbs up).
ps – Word is they also do MacSweens legendary haggis as a filling. Why, it’s so loco it might just work!

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  1. Hi Leila,
    love the way you write! I'm doing some PR work relating to Taste of Edinburgh and want to invite you to an event – can you send me your e-mail address? mine is julie@dmcpr.co.uk. Thanks! Julie

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