Anyone for tea?

My friend Emily is expecting her first baby in January. So far, it’s yet to be determined whether it’s a boy, a girl or a kitten, but in any case, to celebrate the imminent arrival, her baby shower took place last weekend. It was all very exciting. The wee tyke even got the hiccups, which involved a lot of bump patting!
On Friday I made the pilgrimage to Harrods to pick up the LadurĂ©e Macaroons from their shop and tea room. Wow – the whole place was a pastel-coloured candy fantasy. I wanted to move in, but was aware that I had to preserve some tiny degree of cool. I was kind of sad they didn’t let me take any photos, but in truth I’d probably have gotten a bit suckered in with the whole thing and taken hours.

It wasn’t easy to narrow down the amazing selection to just 5 choices to take home, but in the end I went for pistachio, rose, raspberry, chocolate and caramel with fleur du sel. Now that I’ve tasted these, the pinnacle of Macaroons, I think I have to admit that whilst my own efforts have been tasty, they’ve lacked more than a little je ne sais quoi.

Saturday morning was prep time, and so I set about getting the eats ready. I braved the smoked salmon and made sandwiches, and bagel bites.We did cucumber and cream cheese, chicken with lemon and coriander mayo. Em took care of the honey and the jam sandwiches. It was a veritable feast!
The Earl Grey, the great, the good and the green of the tea worlds flowed, and a lovely afternoon was had by all. Enjoyed on a beautiful collection of vintage tea cups and saucers. Ooh La La!

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