Macaron challenge

I got totally sucked into MasterChef – The Professionals, this year. It was a hot contest, and one episode near the end in particular sparked something of a mania. A macaron mania.

I’d seen and tasted these Parisian macarons a couple of times, but the thought of the challenge to actually make them was a little far fetched. That was, before seeing them being made on the show. Beautiful in their delicacy, very pretty. Sure, how hard can it be?

Not for nothing are these noted as perhaps the trickiest of things for a pastry chef to master. Despite this, my half-baked ambition has known no bounds, and I’ve gradually built up the kitchen purchases over the past couple of weeks so that I have everything I could possibly need to pull these things off. Thermometers, hand blenders, edible paper, a hundredweight in free-range eggs, icing sugar and almonds.
I’ve now worked my way through two attempts and think that by the time I get to the third batch, I’ll be pretty happy with the results. Third time’s a charm, right? I hope so. My family might be sick of eating the damned things by that point, but at least I’ll be able to sleep again at night without wondering ‘what if….’. Until the next mania takes hold, that is. Today I saw a great recipe for Scotch eggs. Yes, it’s only a matter of time….

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