Gourmet Girl Visits The Bakery, Dunbar


I hope that the new year has started off well for all and that you’re looking forward to a delicious (lucky!) year ahead. This month, we’re taking a trip outside of the ‘burgh, down the gorgeous East Lothian coast to Dunbar. A food-lover’s revolution has quietly but assuredly been gaining momentum over the past few years in this coastal corner. The local bakery in the town closed in 2008, and a community driven co-op was established to get a new bakery off the ground.

Shareholders raised around £40k, which along with grants saw the bakery open in the autumn of 2011. The aim was to meet the needs of local people for a good quality local bakery, helping to keep business local , and providing employment and apprenticeships.

In the spring of 2012, the project took another leap forward as award-winning pâtissier Ross Baxter took the helm in running the business. Ross’s previous post was with Chez Roux at the Greywalls Hotel, and has brought with him supreme baking talent and a professional drive.

The lovely thing about this bakery is its please-all qualities, as there’s the right balance between traditional Scottish baking and fine continental pâtisserie. Breads are baked from scratch with time, due care and quality ingredients. Personal favourites include the sourdough, loaves with ale from the local Belhaven brewery, and a soft challah. Savouries for a tasty lunch or snack include
a daily selection of quiches, bridies and pasties, and Scotch pies all made with locally sourced ingredients where possible.

It is, however, the sweet pâtisserie that have really drawn me back time and time again. The salted caramel tart has a luxurious silky filling and super crisp pastry, whilst fish and chips by the harbour has now been surpassed by ‘macarons sur mer’. A  bag of three brightly flavoured macarons are a real treat.

Despite the recent opening of an übermarket, locals still enjoy the benefits of shopping at their local butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer and of course bakery. On any given morning, Dunbar’s High Street is a thriving place; just the way it should be.

Things to know:
The community bakery is currently owned by around 500 shareholders.
Shares can be purchased from £20 to £100 each.
Shareholders are entitled to a discount of 10% off purchases.
Dunbar is only 20 minutes away from Edinburgh Waverley by train.

The Bakery Dunbar
60 High Street
EH42 1JH
Tel: 01368 238178
Open Mon-Sat 8am to 4:30pm

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