Apple & lime sorbet – thanks to The Fairy Hobmother!

A bushel (or a peck?) of autumnal sorbet!

An ice-cream maker post was meant to go up some time in August, but erm, things and deadlines kept happening. So here we have it, my first proper ‘stuff you can make in your Kenwood ice cream maker’ blog post. It came about thanks to a funky chain of events that went like this:

I read Aoife’s blog post, which mentioned The Fairy Hobmother.

I left my wish for an ice cream maker.

The Fairy Hobmother (AKA David the social media guru/marketing whizz from Appliances Online) emailed me back saying that my wish had been granted.

Ice cream maker arrives! *PING!*

I’ve had so many reviews of late, the home cooking side of things has fallen a tad by the wayside, so apologies for the delay. Back to the sorbet though. I was given a giant box of organic apples from Germany. I think they were the local equivalent of Cox’s orange pippins, and there were A LOT of apples to eat. I ate three or four every day for a couple of weeks, made apple cake. This still left me with plenty of pommes (that should probably be ร„pfeln) and I decided it was sorbet time!

I love ice cream. but it’s possible I may love a tangy sorbet even more, so I set about with plans for apple sorbet. I also found a few limes kicking around the fridge, so figured an apple/lime sorbet would work quite nicely. I came accross David Lebowitz’s website, and this guy seems to know his ices.

To make life simple, using American measuring cups, the basic recipe for sorbet seems to be 1/4 cup sugar for every 1 cup of juice. Reassuringly straightforward.


24 hours before – put the bowl of the ice cream maker in the freezer.

Juice the fruit (if using citrus, make sure they’ve been out of the fridge for a bit as you’ll get more out of them if they’re not super-cold).

Measure the liquid – I used measuring cups, but otherwise work on 1 cup (250ml) per 1/4 cup (50g) of granulated sugar. I just had enough for half a litre of sorbet.

In a pan, put the sugar and just enough of the juice to cover the sugar. Heat on a low temp until all of the sugar has dissolved.

Put the sugar mix back into the juice and allow to cool.

Assemble and start the paddle of the icecream machine, and slowly add in the juice.

Watch the paddles whizz around. Convince yourself it’s never going to freeze. Have a debate about it on Twitter. Keep peeking. About 1/2 an hour later start grinning because ‘it’s actually working – look!’. Continue for a wee bit longer. Keep stealing spoonfuls. Transfer whatever’s left to tub and put into the freezer. Freeze a little longer (stir a few times) . Enjoy the remainder and vow to make at least 1 litre’s worth next time!

Now, to share the friendly love, The Fairy Hobmother has agreed to grant a wish to one of my readers. Leave a comment and your kitchen gadget-y wish below, and you never know what might be *pinging* its way to you! Good luck, I’m off to raid the freezer!



  1. as usual your blog leaves me peckish. My gadget wish is for a new food processor as mine died during my failed attempt at nigellas spoon bread.

    • Sounds like a good wish, but shame about the demise of your previous food processor! Hope all’s well Natalie! Meant to say, your ‘thankyou card’ quote is on our new wedding brochure! Have a great weekend xxx

  2. YUM that sounds just perfect for an autumn dessert. Every time I see a post about ice cream or sorbet I start imagining all the wonders I could make if I had my own… I guess that has to be my wish! I’m such copycat ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Last time I made a wish, I was told it was too big but I was given a nice recipe book as a consolation prize… This time, I’d really like a Kenwood HB724 Triblade Hand Blender (small wish) or a dualit vario 4 toaster in chrome (big wish) both of which have gone kaput in the past two weeks… sigh… Thank you Leila, thank you FairyHobMother

    • Hand-blender is a top wish! My mum just managed to scam me a retro Soda Stream maker today…amazing timing as it was (pointlessly) getting to the top of my ‘I wonder if we need a …’ list!

  4. I have vaguely heard of the FairyHobMother and wonder if she would grant me a wish of a rolling pin! That, or any kind of electric whisk if they were feeling generous. I have only started baking recently again but am using my utensils from years gone by and only have a hand whisk (no joke, my baking-friends find it hilarious). Not one that you whisk eggs with, but one with a handle to turn the whisk bits. It takes a very long time to get egg whites stiff!

    @Leila, I also get hungry when I read your blog posts!

  5. Ooooh your apple and lime sorbet sounds tasty. Lucky you were given a box of apples! My wish is for a food processor as my tiny hand one is on its last legs. Last time I made banana milkshake, smoke came out of it. Which adds a certain flavour to the milkshake, I guess- danger. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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