A jaunt down East Lothian way

Ah, it’s been a lovely few weeks with a near rain-shower free April, lots short work weeks and super-long weekends. Mum and I headed down East-Lothian way last weekend for a some sunday drivin’, not quite arriving at our unknown destination, but stopping in Gullane and Dirleton nevertheless. 
Gullane was on the list as I knew that Falko had the 2nd outpost of their popular bread and kuchen shop down there, and I had a craving for one of their pretzels. We enjoyed the sunny drive along the coast, and parked up along from the bakery. But what’s this? A new sweetie shop called Cools has opened in town, and it looked tempting in a way that only a shop with royal wedding themed cupcakes, toffee, ice cream and tablet visible within the same ‘eye-full’ can be. 
We went in (mum, despite protestations about her sore tooth) for a nosy at the literally candy coloured array of sweets on display in their big glass jars. Turns out the shop’s only been open for a couple of months, but the friendly owner said they’ve had a great few weeks. We tried a few samples, and picked up some blackberry & raspberries, and cola bon bons. They also sell a local Borders ice cream, popcorn and some more Scottish-y eats like shortbread and local honey. 
This wee shop, stuffed to the gunnels, offers the A-Z of sweeties, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth (ahem, ideally one which doesn’t need a dentist’s help), it’s the place for you. Well worth the drive from Edinburgh! Not to be outdone, we still made the pilgrimage to Falko to pick up our pretzels, and headed on our way just a bit farther down the coast to Dirleton. 
It must have been at least 10 years since I’d visited the castle, and last time was definitely in my pre-garden obsessing days, so I was particularly looking forward to seeing the walled garden with my ‘mature’ thirtysomething amateur horticulturalist’s eyeballs. We wandered around the fabulous castle and the gardens and grounds full of cherry blossom, soaked up some rays for a couple of hours, munched on sweets, and then headed back to the ‘burgh. 

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