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My blog celebrated its 5th birthday this year, and what a busy year its been! Recently I was approached by Hotel Direct¬†¬† (a UK-based hotel booking engine) asking if I’d be interested in featuring in their Edinburgh Twitter List. It’s great that companies like this are putting their and of course their customers’ trust in local bloggers and twitter users. Knowing what my Edinburgh-based compadres are like, there’s not a lot that gets by them, so this list will be a great way for new visitors to the city to engage directly with local folk in the know. Hey, some locals might pick up some good info too!

There’s a wee profile on me and the blog at this link, and the list itself can be found here. As you can see, I’m in fantastic company with fellow bloggers, local interest sites, historic sites and events pages. In short, it’s a great list if you’re looking for insider knowledge on our dear ‘burgh.

Can’t help but notice that they list hotels in Paris and Barcelona, only two of my favourite cities in the world…! Once we get past this first year with the baby fox cub, a wee trip will definitely be in order!





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