Good stuff from 2011

I was going to write a ‘best and worst’ from 2011, and then decided against it. Negativity isn’t a good way to end what has been an amazing year, including a re-launch of the blog in July.  I’ve eaten wonderful fresh produce, sexy duck confit and sleazy poutine in Quebec City, eaten macarons and French onion soup in Paris, had the chance to continue writing for Bite Magazine, discovered that I might actually like salmon (sometimes) and even got the chance to be on the telly thanks to an upcoming appearance in the new series of The Restaurant Inspector. My new kitchen has seen some serious action , including a half-baked effort for the wonderful Edinburgh Cake Ladies, the cook-book collection has tripled in the past 12 months, and the year culminates with the gift of a fancy-pants Canon EOS DSLR camera from my dear Silver Fox. Twitter has continued to entertain, engage and teach in all its wonderful 140-character glory. In all, it’s been nothing short of a corker.

Thanks to anyone out there who’s searched for, accidentally found , or has been recommended to land on my little blog’s page. It’s always a pleasure, and I hope to welcome you back in 2012 for tasty musings, perusings and amuse bouche-ings. First stop; Barcelona!

All the best for the New Year!


ps Here, a few of my favourite shots from the past 12 months. Thanks to my trusty Fujifinepix – you’ve done me proud!





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